It’s up! It’s real! And here it is!

So this is a vlog series I’ve been working on! Super excited! It’s called Nothing Much To Do, and this is Beatrice. 

Aaaaaaaand here is the reason I haven’t been updating regularly. You could say its been more then a little distracting. 

Spoilers! John doesn’t look impressed with you romantic gaze Sherlock.


The Candle Wasters present…

A webseries based on Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’…

Coming Wednesday 26th of March… 


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What’s wrong with having severed body parts in the fridge and arsenic in the sugar bowl? I thought small boys loved those things. 

Yeah he needs a proper name, like Sherlock or Mycroft, not a boring name like Harry or John or Arthur…

To tide you over till the next page. 

Nothing Much To Do

The title of this post is a lie. I wanted to explain why I haven’t been posting recently, I haven’t given up on this comic! I’m super busy at the moment writing and filming a web series, called Nothing Much To Do:

Here is our tumblr:


Once we wrap up shooting I’ll start posting comic pages again - so not till Feb at least. Have a good summer/winter/life till then!